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See what other people are saying about The Crossing at Wyndham Apartments in Sacramento, CA! Here, we truly value our resident’s voices, and we look forward to what each of them has to say. At our Sacramento apartments, we strive to fully design our community with the resident in mind. We encourage each resident to share their honest experience of living at The Crossing at Wyndham so that we can continue to improve. Here, our residents are our top priority. Schedule a tour of our apartments for rent in Sacramento, and see for yourself better living.


I’ve been living here for 2 months and so far everything is awesome!!! Candace and Bryan from the leasing office are extremely helpful, from simple questions to maintenance requests. Maintenance usually come very quickly. I’d recommend everyone renting The Crossing at Wyndham! :)



Quiet enviroment, great staff and close to major highways.


I have lived in both complexes East and West in two bedroom layouts for over 5 years. Before it was Orangewood Apts and was showing its age. A new management company took over and built a new Leasing office on the East Side. It is modern and very nice. The good thing about the Leasing Office is they will hold your packages there for you. This comes in handy alot because my work sends me packages plus all my Amazon Prime packages are safe in the Office. Now they offer to pay your rent online which is very convenient. No more writing checks and bringing them to the office or drop box. With the new Leasing Office they also built new Mailboxes for the Post Office. This is nice because USPS can also leave packages for us now. When I have a problem the maintenance team is always quick to fix it. Usually the next day. Big plus. We live in one of the 2 bedroom Town Homes with Washer and Dryer. This comes in handy because when we lived in the 2 bedroom Apartment you would have to go to second floor to use the community washer and dryer. Be prepared to walk alot of stairs if you live in the 3rd floor. It is a haul bringing groceries up and it is a pain because there is no elevator. As far as parking there is just enough spots for everyone but if people have friends over I find it hard to find parking. Sometimes I will park on the street but very rarely. I have not had any trouble with any break-ins on my work vehicles or personal vehicles. That is a big plus because I have tons money in tools and parts in my work vehicles. The apartments are pretty quiet at night and no loud parties. The one thing I would complain about is the homeless and drug addicts that come and dig in the garbage for cans. They can make alot of noise in the morning. One early morning there was a guy inside the garbage cans making alot of noise by throwing the cans out and stomping on each one! Periodically during the day you will see homeless coming in through the gates and literally diving into the garbage bins. They make alot of mess by throwing the trash OUT of the bins and leaving it on the ground. If we could figure out a way to keep the can people out that would be great. This is a minor annoyance that doesn't retract from the overall great living spaces the apartments provide. There is a lot of storage for my family of 3 and 2 cats. The bedrooms are a good size and layouts are great. The one thing my wife misses from the 2 Bedroom Layout is the built in Vanity where she can do her makeup. It was a huge desk and tons of lights. Also we had a double sink in the bathroom. But the washer and dryer makes up for that in the long run. The best part of living here is how close we are to everything. Costco and Sam's Club is a mile or two away. We are 10 minutes from Downtown and right off the freeway which is nice after a long days work. Kaiser Hospital is right across the street so if you work there or any of the nearby hospitals that is a huge advantage. If you are on the fence about staying here I would highly recommend it.




I have lived in this apartment community 29+ years....( yes I was young) and I have been through several management teams....but I have always received good customer service. I am a firm believer in respect and good communication. I find the current staff to be friendly, caring and diligent to my concerns and the concerns of the apartment community. I believe with takes time and the right approach to get things done. My hat goes off to the office staff...and I think Tiffany is fair and runs a "tight ship!" I am happy at my community and all of my needs have been addressed in a timely and professional manner. I am a proud Resident! I believe respect is earned and it is always a plus to give it back!


Good apt



The staff... is the best around... they are hard working... & care about the residents... The apartments... are top notch... I recommend The Crossing At Wyndham apartments... to everyone...

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